Working Around a Natural Gas Pipeline - Call Before You Dig!
  • Digging responsibly is the only way to dig. The alternative could mean disaster. Anyone planning an outdoor project that requires digging, whether the project is large or small, should call 811, a nationwide number for underground locating services.
    Call 811 to connect you to your local one-call service. This call and the services provided are free. Visit your local one-call website for more information: JULIE (Illinois One Call System) or Missouri One Call System.
    In fact, it’s a law that you must call at least 48 hours before excavating or digging around underground facilities.
    After your call, a representative from each member utility company will mark the location of the underground facilities using colored paint lines or flags. After the lines are marked, dig carefully. Buried lines may be within 24 inches on either side of the paint line or flags.
    You can find more information about underground locating services on these websites: JULIE (Illinois One Call System) and Missouri One Call System.

  • If you live near an Ameren gas storage field or natural gas pipeline, don’t park vehicles or farm equipment on the right-of-way. 

    For inspection or emergency purposes, the right-of-way needs to be clear and accessible.
    Also, please call the Ameren emergency number, 800.481.1154 (Ameren Illinois) or 800.552.7583 (Ameren Missouri), if you notice any suspicious activity around a gas storage field or pipeline.

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