Energy Learning Center 
Located at our St. Louis headquarters, our Energy Learning Center focuses on Ameren’s commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.  

Visitors are able to see our rooftop solar energy system along with monitors showing how much energy each technology is generating. Visitors also receive detailed information about the cost, efficiency and output of each solar technology type.

Solar & You
Get started on the right foot toward integrating your <a href="/solar/pages/SolarEnergyAndYou.aspx">solar energy system</a>.
Explore the Learning Center
<a href="/Solar/Pages/EnergyLearningCenter.aspx">Links, lesson plans and resources</a> for teachers and students.
How Solar Works
Understand solar energy with this <a href="/Solar/Pages/SolarPanelAnimation.aspx">informative animation</a>.
Solar Home
Watch as <a href="/Solar/Pages/SolarHomeAnimation.aspx">solar energy</a> powers the appliances in this home.
Request a Tour
Discover solar with a <a href="/Solar/Pages/LearningCenterTours.aspx">tour</a> of our Energy Learning Center.
Our commitment to <a href="/Solar/Pages/RenewablesatAmeren.aspx">renewable energy</a> builds a secure energy future.
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