Ameren’s Value-added Partner Network 
Let us connect you to experience and expertise 
Ameren’s value-added partner network is a valuable resource for our commercial customers 
Have a need for an industrial engineer consultant? Interested in conducting a facility analysis? If you’re one of our commercial or industrial customers, and need an energy-related service, we offer a valuable resource - a listing of professionals whose skills can be matched to the project you have planned.

Before we add a partner to our Value-added Partner Network, or VAPN, we ask them to undergo an evaluation process. Those who successfully complete the evaluation process achieve an “approved” status.

Currently, our network includes partners with experience in the following areas: distribution maintenance services, power quality, power reliability, back-up generation, energy audits, utility bill audit and consolidation, facility analysis, performance contracting, compressed air services, HVAC, and lighting services.
If you need an energy-related service for your business or residence that we don’t provide, call one of our Contact Center representatives. If you are an Illinois Customer, please call us at 800.232.2477. If you are a Missouri Customer, please call us at 877.426.3736. The person you speak with can get a listing of providers that match your service needs. 
Want to know more about our VAPN program? Send an email to:
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