Yes. Ameren’s Internship/Co-op pay depends on the department, position, and applicant’s education/experience level. View the <a href="" "target_blank"> job postings</a> for current openings.
    Hours depend on location and department.
    Your application will be reviewed and our hiring team will select the most qualified candidates that meet the requirements for an interview. Interviews will be scheduled at the appropriate time.
    Unfortunately at this time we are not able to personally contact all applicants regarding application status. If you do meet the qualifications and are selected for an interview, you will be contacted to schedule an interview time.
    To ensure you are considered for future opportunities, your resume will be kept in our applicant tracking system for three years. You need to apply for each position of interest as they become available. To make sure you are aware of new openings, you can create an email <a href="/Careers/Pages/CreateModifyJobAlerts.aspx/"> job alert</a>.
    Ameren does require testing for certain positions and departments. If testing is required, we will give you advance notice to make sure you are appropriately prepared. Review our management and non-management <a href="/Careers/Pages/EmploymentTesting.aspx">testing information</a>.
    If you are interested in a department or a particular position and would like an opportunity to learn more, please contact your school's Career Services department. We encourage students to stop by our booth at career fairs to speak with our talent ambassadors. Career fair dates can be found on the <a href="" "target_blank">Ameren Careers Facebook page</a>.
    An Ameren associate will contact you to discuss the options for submitting your transcripts, at the appropriate phase of the selection process.
    Yes. Ameren fully supports helping students receive college credit. However, it depends on the individual’s college program. Please check with your college or university.
    Ameren’s internship program is focused on helping students grow and develop through hands-on practice pertaining to their education on the job. As a benefit, Ameren is looking to develop future employees. An Internship/Co-op with Ameren does not guarantee a full-time position, but it is a great opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and assist in retaining a full-time position.
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