Dorm or Apartment Safety 
  • Use power strips for important electrical appliances, like computers and game consoles. Find one with an over-current protector. These special power strips automatically shut off power if too much current is being drawn.

  • Use the correct bulb wattage in lamps. Find the correct wattage listed near the bulb socket. If you cannot find the listing, do not use anything over 60 watts.

  • Be suspicious of outlets that are hot to the touch. If you cannot leave your hand on the outlet, unplug all appliances and notify your landlord or resident advisor immediately.

  • Do not hide cords under doors, carpets or furniture. This can cause a cord to short circuit or overheat. You can also trip over them. Learn more about Extension Cord Safety.

  • Electrical fires can happen at any time, so be prepared. Make sure to have a fire escape plan. Check with your school to see what items you need and are allowed to bring.
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