Equipment Safety 
  • Be sure that your work area is clear of debris when working with electrical tools. Any grime or dirt inside the tool can cause it to overheat. Avoid any wet surfaces when using power tools.

  • If the equipment needs cleaning, disconnect or unplug it first. Always follow the instructions from an owner’s manual or your own company’s guide.

  • Make sure all three-pronged electrical tools are properly grounded. Do not cut off a ground prong. This may cause malfunctions or electrical shock.

  • Safety shields are designed to protect you if you come into contact with energized parts, so do not remove them.

  • Short-circuiting can cause damage or even fire. Check circuits and electrical boards to ensure proper wiring.

  • Use caution when working with extension cords. Verify that the amperage rating on an extension cord is greater than, or equal to, the rating for the tool in use by comparing the labels on both cord and tool.
equipment safety
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