Protect Valuable Electronics from Power Surges 
Use smart power strips 
When lightning strikes nearby equipment, it can send a surge to your home through telephone wires, cable or electric service. Our electrical grid and the processes used to deliver power are complex, and small glitches in this process can cause these surges. After an outage, the power sometimes comes back on in a series of spikes and dips as utility workers try to restore power. If you are properly prepared, this may not be a big deal. However, if your home is not ready for surges, your electronics could be damaged or destroyed.
You can protect your electrical equipment and electronics by installing surge protection power strips. You should use these for computers and anywhere else where you are powering valuable electronics. 
Smart power strips not only safeguard your equipment from damaging power surges, they can also help lower your electric bill. Smart power strips offer always-on outlets for devices you don't want to turn off automatically, and a master outlet with several controlled outlets. The master outlet will sense when the control device is on or off, and then switches the controlled outlets on or off accordingly to prevent unnecessary power use. Use it to control your computer or TV entertainment
system and stop wasting all the energy used by them in standby mode.
Find rebates and incentives on smart power strips:
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