Coal Combustion Residuals and Reuse 
Burning coal results in a generation of residuals. These residuals, called bottom ash and fly ash, are collected and removed from the boiler and flue gas. Residuals from air pollution control equipment - called "scrubbers" - produce synthetic gypsum. The residuals can be used beneficially or be stored in either a collection pond or a landfill. 

Recycling Coal Ash Makes Good Sense!
Ameren has recycled on average more than half of its coal combustion residuals into beneficial uses and has been recognized as a leader in ash recycling.

Fly ash is used as a direct replacement for cement or other materials used in the production of concrete. We have received national recognition for the Quikrete Packaging Facility, where over 10,000 tons of fly ash and 60,000 tons of bottom ash are recycled into about two-million bags of high quality concrete mix annually.

Bottom ash is also used for snow and ice control, blasting grit and roofing shingles.

Synthetic gypsum is the main component of wall board.
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