Renewable Energy 
Finding new ways to power the future 
Developing renewable power sources - that is, energy generated from natural resources such as the sun, wind, water, and biomass fuels - is essential to our plan for the future. We’re determined to find new ways to produce cost-effective, reliable, and clean energy for our customers.

Here are a few ways we’re expanding our renewable resources:

  • Solar farm, 2014
    Adding a new renewable energy center to our energy mix by the end of 2014. With more than 19,000 solar panels, the O'Fallon Renewable Energy Center will generate 5.7 MW of electricity. 
  • Solar initiative 
    Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiencies of various solar power systems in our bi-state area.
  • Landfill gas-electric plant
    Turning landfill waste into methane gas - enough electricity to provide power to 10,000 homes.
  • Wind power
    Adding wind power to our generation portfolio by buying enough energy from Horizon Wind Energy's Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm to serve 26,000 homes.
  • Hydroelectric generation
    Increasing the generation capacity at many of our plants.
  • Education for the next generation
    Providing information about renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability efforts at Ameren through the company's Energy Learning Center.
  • Customer resources 
    Providing options and information for our customers, including renewable energy certificates and net metering for independently owned renewable generation from wind and solar.


    To learn more about renewable energy at Ameren, visit Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri
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