Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan (DRPlus)  
DRPlus, Ameren's Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan, offers investors a convenient way to invest in Ameren common stock through cash investments and dividend reinvestment.

    Ameren Corporation's DRPlus is open to existing stockholders and new investors.
    You may open a new <a href="https://www.securitiesinterlink7.com/ameren/" target="_blank">DRPlus common stock account</a>, after reviewing the <a href="/Investors/Documents/DRPlusProspectus.pdf" target="_blank">DRPlus Prospectus</a> or contact <a href="/Investors/Pages/Contacts.aspx">Investor Services</a> for an application.
    An existing stockholder may join DRPlus by reviewing the <a href="/Investors/Documents/DRPlusProspectus.pdf" target="_blank" title="DRPlus Prospectus">DRPlus Prospectus</a>, and completing an <a href="http://apps.ameren.com/Investors/ADC_IV_frm_DRPe.asp" target="_blank">enrollment form</a>.
    Common stock dividends of Ameren Corporation are paid quarterly, about the last working day of March, June, September and December, to holders of record approximately 20 days prior to payment date.<br /> <br /> Participation in DRPlus gives you the choice of reinvesting all of your dividend, part of your dividend, or receiving your entire dividend in cash
    DRPlus allows you to invest optional cash to purchase Ameren common stock at a nominal brokerage fee, currently about 4 cents per share.<br /> <br /> The maximum cash investment is $120,000 per year, the initial cash investment for a new account is $250, and the minimum investment for an existing account is $25. Personal checks sent for investment, showing Ameren Corporation as payee, are acceptable. Third party checks and cash are NOT acceptable. Common shares are purchased twice a month.<br /> <br /> Stockholders participating in DRPlus may have optional cash investments electronically withdrawn from their checking or savings account on a monthly basis to purchase Ameren common stock. To sign up for our Automatic Cash Investment option, stockholders may complete and print the online <a href="http://apps.ameren.com/investors/ADC_iv_frm_ACI.asp">Automatic Cash Investment Application</a> or contact <a href="/Investors/Pages/Contacts.aspx">Investor Services</a> for an application.
    DRPlus participants can sell their shares through the Plan at a nominal brokerage fee, currently about 4 cents per share. Shares are sold at least four times per month. <br><br>To sell shares held in your DRPlus account, complete the back of your DRPlus statement or contact <a href="/Investors/Pages/Contacts.aspx">Investor Services</a>.
    You may <a href="/Investors/Pages/Contacts.aspx">mail or deliver</a> your Ameren common stock certificates to us for safekeeping. The shares will be deposited in book entry form and held in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan. A quarterly DRPlus statement is mailed showing the number of shares held for your account. It is not necessary to reinvest your dividend to take advantage of this service.<br /> <br /> A signed note or letter requesting the shares be deposited for safekeeping must accompany your stock certificate. A daytime telephone number must also be included.<br /> <br /> You must retain the purchase date and price of such shares for tax cost basis purposes. This information will be needed in the event you sell the shares.<br /> <br /> If certificates are mailed to Ameren, we suggest you use Registered Mail and insure your certificates for 2% of their current market value, the approximate cost to replace the certificates if they are lost in the mail.
    You can <a href="/Investors/Pages/StockTransferRequirements.aspx">transfer</a> common shares from your DRPlus account, just as you would certificated shares.<br /> <br /> If you transfer shares to another person as a gift, e.g. birthday, graduation, wedding, etc., Ameren will prepare a gift letter on your behalf. Contact <a href="/Investors/Pages/Contacts.aspx">Investor Services</a> for information.
    Detailed statements, including transaction date, transaction description, price, and number of shares purchased and sold, are provided each month there is stock activity in your account. These statements are valuable tools when calculating your stock's tax cost basis in the event you sell shares.<br /> <br /> This is not an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.
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