Renewables at Ameren 
Ameren's long history of incorporating renewable resources into our generation portfolio began with our early development of hydroelectric power plants.

Even before we began constructing our solar energy project, we were instrumental in developing a solar-powered home for entry in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Home Competition and a sponsor of the Missouri Schools Going Solar program.

At Ameren, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to keep our commitment to renewable energy and to our customers. Our goal is to provide information, data and resources to help you make informed energy decisions.

We buy enough <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/Renewables/Pages/UtilityScaleWind-PoweredElectricGeneration.aspx">wind power</a> to serve 26,000 homes!
Ameren's <a href="/solar/pages/home.aspx">solar</a> initiative allows us to truly evaluate this clean energy source.
We're using <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/Renewables/Pages/Hydroelectricrenewable.aspx"> hydroelectric generation</a>.
Hybrid Truck
Our <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/Renewables/Pages/Hybridbuckettruckfaq.aspx">hybrid bucket truck</a> runs on both diesel fuel and electricity.
Pure Power
Support renewable energy with <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/PurePower/Pages/PurePower.aspx">Pure Power</a>.
Landfill & Bioenergy
Producing energy with <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/Renewables/Pages/MethanetoMegawatts.aspx">landfill waste</a>!
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