Induction Cooktops 
For Electric Customers

Unlike conventional cooktops that create heat below a pot, the magnetic induction cooktop process makes the pot into the heating element. Iron, steel, nickel and various alloys will magnetize easily, and food is heated more quickly to precise temperatures.

Cooking with induction cooktops is about 90% efficient, compared to electric at approximately 65% efficient and open-flamed gas at about 55% efficient. One added feature that induction cooktops may have is a sensor that you can adjust the energy setting to the cookware size along with a broader range of settings than traditional cooktops.

The elements for an induction cooktop are under a ceramic-glass surface, so they look like a normal, smooth top stove. Units are available in traditional sizes, so they can be fit into custom kitchens with the same ease as traditional electric cook tops. Contact a professional if you are unsure on how to install.

Learn more from the NAHB Research Center website.

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