Motion Sensors 
Changing behavior can have an impact on your energy bills. One of the many examples is turning lights off in rooms that are not occupied. A motion sensor can help you with that! The motion sensor automatically turns lights on when motion is detected and turns it off soon after you leave. The sensor is perfect for laundry room, garage, basement, attic, kid’s bedroom and other rooms with in and out activity. The switch can be turned off to avoid the light coming on during the day and turned back on in the evenings. Motion sensors will only work as long as there is no shade or covering that could block the motion sensor.
Motion sensors may use one or multiple methods to detect a given condition, either mechanical or electronic (acoustic, optical, radar, vibration, thermal).  Most motion sensors today incorporate several different methods of detection to help ensure a specific condition is present within the controlled area.  Some caution should be taken when using motion sensors or other electronic controls in conjunction with CFLs or LED lights because they may shorten the lifespan of the bulb. Newer CCFL type bulbs have dimming capabilities and instant on, like an older traditional incandescent bulb. CCFLs are compatible with timers, photocells and dimmers and also have a very long life expectancy.

Most electronic controls were put in place for use with an incandescent bulb rather than the complex circuitry of a CFL. Electronic controls draw a slight amount of electricity which passes through the CFL ballast, placing added stress on the electronics. Operating CFLs on controls can significantly shorten the lifespan of the product, though it should not pose a fire hazard. Keep in mind that CCFLs are compatible with timers. When buying new electronic lighting control devices, check the manufacturer specifications because there are new products compatible for use with CFLs and LEDs. A few of the newer CFLs even have motion sensors built into the bulb rather than being part of the fixture or switch.

Some CFLs are manufactured specifically for use with dimmers.
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