Choose Pure Power and Go Green 
Our voluntary Pure Power program makes it easy for residents and businesses to achieve the goal we all have in common: Preserve and protect the world we live in. Join our first participants - the Johnstons - and enroll in our award-winning initiative to make a difference now.

How Do I Sign Up?
In just <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/PurePower/Pages/SignUpInformation.aspx">three easy steps</a>, you can put your concern for the environment to work for the benefit of everyone.
Renewable Energy Certificates
Read our <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/PurePower/Documents/ProductContentLabel.pdf"target_blank">Product Content Label</a> to learn where we get our Pure Power Renewable Energy Certificates.
Who Is Involved in Pure Power?
Your neighbors and your neighborhood businesses are the <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/PurePower/Pages/ChampionsandLeaders.aspx">champions and leaders</a> of the program.
How Does Pure Power Work?
When you enroll in Pure Power, you <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/PurePower/Pages/HowPurePowerWorks.aspx">support renewable energy generation</a> resources in the Midwest.
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