Bagnell Dam and Osage Energy Center 
Discover the history of Bagnell Dam and the Osage Energy Center, as well as the benefits of hydroelectric power generation. 
Licensing information: FERC Order Approving New License for Bagnell Dam and Osage Energy Center.

Bagnell Dam History
Discover the <a href="/sites/aue/lakeoftheozarks/Pages/BagnellDamHistory.aspx">history</a> of Bagnell Dam and the Osage Energy Center.
How the Osage Energy Center Works
Learn <a href="/sites/aue/lakeoftheozarks/Pages/HowOsageWorks.aspx">how</a> the Osage Energy Center uses the clean, renewable energy of falling water to generate electricity.
Benefits of Hydroelectric Power
Find out why hydroelectric power is not only <a href="/sites/aue/lakeoftheozarks/Pages/HydroelectricBenefits.aspx">beneficial</a> to the environment, but also helps ensure electric reliability.
Did you know?
Amazing <a href="/sites/aue/lakeoftheozarks/Pages/BagnellDamDidYouKnow.aspx">facts</a> about the dam, lake and energy center.
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