Meet the Heat Head On 
Meet the Heat - Head On is a Missouri program that could save the life of a friend, neighbor, family member or yourself by heading off the deadly effects of high temperatures and humidity. Meet the Heat partners are encouraging families to have a hot weather plan, become a Heat Buddy and check on elderly relatives and neighbors, watching for tell-tale signs of heat stress

The program also gives you advice on using air conditioners in times of extreme heat, managing your energy bills or about cooling sites offered in your area. The Meet the Heat team will continue to give vital information this summer so that you can keep cool when the heat is on! 

Be a Heat Buddy
Become a <a href= "/sites/aue/meettheheat/Pages/Heatbuddy.aspx">Heat Buddy</a> to ensure elderly friends, neighbors or relatives stay cool during hot weather.
Create a hot weather plan
Plan ahead to stay healthy during <a href= "/sites/aue/meettheheat/Pages/HotWeatherPlan.aspx">hot weather</a>.
Signs of heat stress
Heat can be fatal. Get to <a href= "/sites/aue/meettheheat/Pages/Knowthesignsofheatstress.aspx">know the signs</a> of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps.
Use your air conditioner
Using your <a href= "/sites/aue/meettheheat/Pages/AirConditionerscanbeLifeSavers.aspx">air conditioner</a> during hot summer days can help keep you, your family, your neighbor and even your pet healthier.
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