What is an IRP? 
Planning for Missouri's Secure Energy Future
Ameren Missouri is focused on energy planning to ensure that Missouri and its citizens have an abundant, reliable and affordable supply of energy today and for decades to come. We recognize a reliable energy supply is essential to our state's economy and our way of life.

Every three years, Ameren Missouri completes a review and analysis of the options we have to meet present and future energy needs. The results are called our Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

The IRP describes our projected need for additional electric generation and resource options to meet consumer needs while also balancing reliability, energy efficiency, affordable cost and environmental pressures.

Ameren Missouri understands the importance of these decisions and has engaged the assistance of outside stakeholders in this process. Now we want to hear from you. Our hope is that the IRP will spur discussion across the state about the best solutions to meet our energy challenges.

    The IRP describes the company’s projected need for additional electric generation in the next 20 years, as well as an assessment of how we might meet those needs. The plan takes into consideration factors such as how the uncertainty surrounding future environmental regulations will impact our ability to generate electricity, and regional economic challenges.
    An IRP is filed every three years with the Missouri Public Service Commission.
    No. The Commission determines if Ameren Missouri has an adequate planning process rather than approving the details of the plan.
    Ameren Missouri has evaluated many types of generation including: coal-fired plants, nuclear energy, natural gas combustion turbines, solar, wind, hydroelectric, landfill gas-to-energy and biomass to determine which resources best meet future demand.
    Ameren Missouri’s 2011 IRP demonstrated that participation in energy efficiency (EE) programs have the potential to save our customers energy and money on their utility bills. However, under the existing regulatory framework for investments in energy efficiency, we would suffer significant financial losses by implementing such programs. To address this issue and unlock the benefits of energy efficiency for both customers and investors, earlier this year we filed with the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) for approval of EE programs and supportive rate mechanisms under the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act (MEEIA). The expenditures for the new programs will be approximately twice the size of our previous EE programs. MEEIA represents a shift in energy policy towards partnering with customers to use energy more efficiently to meet future needs. Additionally, it provides clear objectives for the state of Missouri to pursue cost-effective energy efficiency programs, while requiring the programs be designed to ensure utilities’ financial incentives are aligned with helping customers use energy more efficiently. We expect an order from the PSC on our MEEIA filing later in 2012.
    Yes. Ameren Missouri is currently building the Maryland Heights Renewable Energy Center where methane gas from rotting trash will be burned to produce electricity. We also installed solar panels at our headquarters as part of a pilot project to better understand the future of solar in Missouri. Our renewable energy portfolio will comply with Missouri requirements.
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