Maryland Heights Renewable Energy Center FAQs 
The Maryland Heights Renewable Energy Center, often referred to as Methane to Megawatts, is the largest landfill gas-to-electricity facility in Missouri and one of the largest in the country, generating enough renewable energy to power approximately 10,000 average Missouri homes.

    The first megawatt-hour of renewable electricity was generated from landfill gas in May 2012. Because of the abundant supply of landfill methane gas, this energy center has the potential to supply the region for decades to come.
    The Maryland Heights Renewable Energy Center provides a reliable source of renewable electric power without emitting additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Also, the methane used to produce electricity at the energy center was previously burned off and the energy wasted. Now it is used to produce renewable power for nearly 10,000 average Missouri homes.
    A blower plant delivers the untreated landfill methane gas from IESI Inc. /Progressive Waste Solutions to the energy center at a rate up to 6000 cubic feet per minute, 24 hours a day. The gas is collected from more than 100 wells inside the landfill, which are connected with two miles of high-density plastic pipes.
Methane to Megawatts
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