Benefits of Wood Chips 
After our contractors trim or prune trees during power line maintenance, the leftover trimmings are broken down into wood chips. These wood chips can be used for:
  • Walking trails
  • Mulching
  • Parking areas
  • Dog runs
  • Playgrounds

Our wood chips consist of many different hardwood and softwood species and have a high carbon to nitrogen ratio. As the wood chips start decomposing, the soil will lose nitrogen temporarily. By adding some nitrogen fertilizer to mulched plants, you can compensate for the loss.

Over time, wood chips may weather to a gray or silver color and you might think about adding another layer of mulch to planting beds. However, extra mulch can suffocate the root systems of tree and shrub species. It is best to renew mulches every two to three years and turn the existing mulch before adding a new layer.

E-mail us if you are interested in receiving free wood chips.
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