Quantum Weather 
Ameren Missouri and Saint Louis University (SLU) have partnered on a unique weather forecasting system called Quantum Weather.

Quantum Weather provides neighborhood-by-neighborhood predictions of severe weather hours in advance. This advance knowledge allows Ameren Missouri to dispatch crews ahead of the storm, and to further improve restoration times for customers. 

How Quantum Weather Works
Learn what makes quantum weather work. (<a href="/sites/aue/OutageCenter/Pages/QuantumWeatherWorks.aspx">more</a>)
Quantum Weather Fact Sheet
Check the fact sheet for information on the response system. (<a href="/sites/aue/OutageCenter/Pages/QuantumWeatherFactSheet.aspx">more</a>)
Saint Louis University
Information on St. Louis University and Quantum Weather. (<a href="http://www.slu.edu/x35834.xml" target="_blank">more</a>)
Missouri Weather Station Map
Find out where quantum weather stations are in Missouri. (<a href="/sites/aue/OutageCenter/Documents/QWmapMO.pdf">more</a>)
St. Louis Metro Area Weather Station Map
Find out where quantum weather stations are in St. Louis. (<a href="/sites/aue/OutageCenter/Documents/QWmapMetro.pdf">more</a>)
Quantum Weather Video
See how we partner with SLU to use the Quantum Weather system. (<A title="" href="http://cdn.ameren.com/ameren_quantum_weather_121013_480.f4v" target="" rel=video vidwidth="496" vidheight="317">more</a>)
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