Electric Full Service Rates for Ameren Missouri 
Following are the rates for the service area you selected. The files contain a replication of tariff sheets on file with the Missouri Public Service Commission. The content is the same although font and format may differ. To view, click the appropriate link.

Cover Page/Table of Contents
General Rules and Regulations
Table of Contents
General Provisions
Characteristics of Service Supplied
Distribution System Extensions
Measurement of Service
Billing Practices
Deposit Practices
Disconnection and Reconnection of Service
Emergency Energy Conservation Procedure
Pilots, Variances and Promotional Practices
Table of Contents
Company Advertising and Publicity Program
Keeping Current Low-Income Pilot Program
Unregulated Competition Waivers and Other Variances
Voluntary Electronic Bill Rendering and Payment Program
Voluntary Green Program/Pure Power Program
Electric Power Purchases
Table of Contents
Electric Power Purchases from Qualifying Facilities
Electric Power Purchases from Qualified Net Metering Facilities
Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management Programs
Table of Contents
Weatherization Program
Business Energy Efficiency
Residential Energy Efficiency
Service Areas by County
A through H
I through N
O through Z
Table of Contents
Residential Rate
Small General Service Rate
Large General Service Rate
Small Primary Service Rate
Street & Outdoor Area Lighting - Company-Owned
Street & Outdoor Area Lighting - Customer-Owned
Municipal Street Lighting - Incandescent
Large Primary Service Rate
Large Transmission Service Rate
Miscellaneous Charges
Table of Contents
Rider FAC - Fuel and Purchased Power Adjustment
Rider B - Customer Owned Substation Discounts
Rider C - Meter Reading Adjustments
Rider D - Temporary Service
Rider E - Supplementary Service
Rider F - Annually Recurring Service
Rider H - Service to Customer Units Separated by Public Property
Rider I - Secondary Service Off-Peak Demand Provisions
Rider J - Customer Occupying Contiguous Buildings
Rider M - Option Based Curtailment
Rider RDC - Reserve Distribution Capacity
Rider UG - Municipal Underground Cost Recovery
Rider EDRR - Economic Development and Retention
Rider ERR - Economic Re-Development
Rider SR - Solar Rebate
Rider SP - Solar Renewable Energy Credit Purchase
Rider EEIC - Energy Efficiency Investment Charge
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