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Replace your water heater with a high-efficiency model, and we'll offset the cost with great incentives. 
Rebates and Incentives: Water Heaters 
A high-efficiency water heater can make a much bigger difference in your energy consumption than you might realize. We'll help you offset the cost of a new one with great incentives in just three simple steps.
Step 1
Choose your new water heater:
Electric Storage Tank Water Heater with a $45 rebate. ENERGY STAR Qualified Heat Pump with $500 back.
Pick one with an energy factor (EF) of 0.93 or higher, and you'll not only get $45 off the price - you can save $40 a year on your energy bill. That's $500 or more over the water heater's lifespan! Heat pump water heaters are two to three times more efficient than standard electric models. They can save you more than $200 a year on energy bills - and thousands of dollars over the life of the water heater.


Step 2
Shop at a participating store.
Step 3
Apply for your rebate online OR by printing and mailing the rebate form.*

         Apply Online 

            Print Form
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