ActOnEnergy: BizSavers® Custom Incentives 
Our ActOnEnergy® BizSavers® program provides Custom incentives for energy efficient equipment that is not eligible for Standard incentives. Custom incentives are calculated based on the estimated annual energy savings of the proposed energy efficiency measures. All equipment purchases must receive pre-approval from the Program office to qualify for Custom incentives. Incentive rates are shown in the table below:
Measure Type Incentive
Lighting $0.06/kWh
Non-Lighting $0.07/kWh
Any measures that permanently reduce energy consumption should be presented to the ActOnEnergy BizSavers program office for eligibility review. We welcome unique approaches to energy reduction.
Popular energy efficiency measures include:
  • Lighting System Redesign
  • Chiller Replacements
  • Motor Drive Additions to Pumps and Fans
You are not limited to these measures. In fact, virtually any cost-effective energy efficiency measure qualifies for an ActOnEnergy BizSavers incentive, including specialized systems and equipment.  

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