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Trade Ally Awards 
Congratulations to our winners! 
Our Trade Allies are the lifeline of Ameren Missouri's ActOnEnergy® BizSavers® program, so we'd like to say thanks for all of their hard work. Recently, we honored our top performers at the annual Trade Ally Awards banquet. These Trade Allies have been particularly valuable in serving customers throughout the state. Find a Trade Ally contractor near you and get started saving.
Most Energy Savings
Platinum Trade Ally of the Year
  Most Valuable Player (MVP)
Grainger, Inc.   Ashinger Electric Company
Trade Ally of the Year (overall)
Gold Trade Ally of the Year
Largest Hospital Project
  Silver Trade Ally of the Year
Largest School/University Project
Trane   Schneider Electric Company
Largest Parking Garage Project
Largest Retail Project
  Most Completed Projects
Starbeam Supply Company   Voss Lighting
Largest Lighting Controls Project   Largest Motor Controls Project
Sachs Electric   Siemens Industry, Inc.
Largest Compressed Air Project   Largest Refrigeration Project
John Henry Foster   Hussman Services Company
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