Permit Expiration 
Construction of docks and breakwaters, or approved modifications to docks or breakwaters under ten slips, must be completed within one year from the date the permit or modification approval is issued. If the work is not complete within one year, the permittee may apply for one six-month extension to complete the work.

The extension will be granted provided there have not been any changes in the information that was submitted with the original application, and the dock complies with current guidelines for issuing permits.

All other activities (bank stabilization construction, piers, excavation, etc.) must be completed within two years from the date the permit is issued. Docks and breakwater proposals exceeding ten slips, must be completed within four years from the date the permit is issued. Annual fees must be paid for unconstructed docks during the permit term.

If the permit expires, the permit is null and void. Prior to any construction, a new application must be submitted and a new permit issued.
Permit expiration, lake of the ozarks permit
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