Investing in Reliability 
System upgrades will reduce outages and prepare for your future energy needs.
At Ameren Missouri, we are committed to improving electric reliability in the communities we serve. Simply put, this means that when you flip a switch, the light goes on. Period.

This is why we are investing millions of dollars in projects throughout our service territory to provide cleaner and more dependable energy for you.
We're replacing old substations with new ones in order to meet your energy needs for decades to come. These are the substations that power critical regional assets, including children's hospitals, medical centers, major employers and universities as well as police and fire stations.
We're adding circuits and underground lines to provide additional routes so power will continue to flow in times of emergency. In most cases, you'll never know if a problem has been detected because the power you need will always be there when you flip the switch.
New substations are being built and upgraded lines are being installed in virtually every part of our region, from Cape Girardeau to Kirksville, from St. Louis to Boonville.
One of our largest projects, the MLK Switching station in downtown St. Louis, will keep power running smoothly and employs smart technology that will quickly identify problems and fix them.
MLK Switching Station Powers Downtown
Investing in your energy future
Get the 411 on Power Outages   
Upgrading the outdated and aging infrastructure to a more dependable grid
The fact is, you're already benefiting from our long-range approach to upgrading our electric delivery infrastructure.
On average, an Ameren Missouri customer experiences fewer than one outage a year.
Reliability has improved 44% over the last six year. Fewer outages mean greater dependability for electricity when you count on it the most.
Our focus on reliability has placed us in the top 10% among utilities in the U.S.

Check Reliability Maintenance
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Trees & Your Service
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Quantum Weather
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Reliability Is a Partnership
We are committed to improving electric reliability in the communities we serve. (<a href="/sites/aue/Reliability/Pages/ReliabilityAtAmerenMissouri.aspx">more</a>)
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