At Ameren. we’re focused on safety. Remember to stay away from electrical equipment.
Keep safe and do not go near electrical equipment such as power lines, towers and transformers. Stay away from substations or any fence surrounding Ameren’s equipment.

If you see suspicious activity around Ameren’s electrical equipment, call 911. Learn about copper theft.
You may be preventing a tragedy!
Safety Tips for Home
Indoor safety
Carbon monoxide
Circuit breakers
Dorm or apartment
Electric wiring & outlets
Electrical fires
Extension cords
Flexible gas connectors
Lightning Safety
Natural gas
Space heaters
Tornado Safety
Water or flooding

Outdoor safety
Safety during outdoor activities
Lightning Safety
Overhead power line safety
Natural gas equipment
Portable generators
Power Lines
Storms or flooding
Tornado Safety
Workplace Safety Tips
Service lines
High-voltage lines
Landscaping & digging
Overhead power line safety
Power lines & utility poles

On the job
Workplace electrical safety
Gas safety
Natural gas pipeline safety
Safety partners (log-in)
Safety Education
Safety Video
View our safety videos

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