Media Briefings 
Since an unusual event is the least significant of the four Emergency Action Levels for nuclear power plants, and presents no danger to the public, media inquiries for an unusual event will be handled through the normal communications channels.
If an alert, site emergency or general emergency is declared, a Joint Public Information Center (JPIC) will be established at the State Emergency Management Agency Headquarters, 2302 Militia Drive, Jefferson City, Missouri.
Directions to the JPIC
From downtown Jefferson City, take U.S. Highway 50/63 East approximately 8 miles to the Militia Drive exit, turn left, and follow Militia Drive to the Missouri National Guard's Ike Skelton Training Site - the large brick building on top of the hill. Ameren Missouri and government officials will conduct news conferences and background briefings at that location. You will be asked to present up-to-date media credentials when you arrive.

Nuclear Terms
Check our Nuclear Terms for terms you may hear used in news briefings at the JPIC.
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