Callaway Energy Center Access Requirements  
Industrial Safety and Security Requirements (Applicable to All Visitors):
  • You must have a driver’s license or other photo ID. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, you should have a passport for identification.
  • You may be subject to a hands-on “pat down” search by security personnel upon entering the energy center.
  • You must stay with your escort at all times.
What to Wear
  • Slacks or long pants and comfortable walking shoes.
  • High heels, sandals and shoes with open toes are not permitted.
Equipment Limitations
A considerable amount of walking and stair climbing may be necessary. Therefore, we suggest that you travel "light" and avoid bringing bulky equipment cases or heavy tripods into the energy center. Since everything you bring in must be inspected by security personnel, the more you bring, the more delay you may encounter in getting into the energy center to get your story.
Radiological Areas
Federal regulations strictly limit access to radiological areas for people who are not trained in radiation safety procedures. Therefore, visitors are generally not permitted in these areas.
  • Reporters who wish to enter a radiological area should be prepared to take considerable extra time to comply with special access requirements and record keeping.
  • Cameras, recorders and other equipment should not be brought into radiological areas.
Photos and Video
Lighting inside the energy center is generally adequate for today’s equipment, but a portable, battery-operated light is suggested for taping in some areas.
Ameren Missouri can provide high-quality video footage and digital photos of refuelings and other energy center activities. Let us know what format you need.
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