FAQs for Business Partners 

    Customers have designated you to act on their behalf. Now you can do so in a much more efficient manner; this will benefit both you and your customer. Online access to customer data and functions will allow around-the-clock management of your customers' needs. <ul> <li>Advertise to prospective clients online from our website.</li> <li>Manage all customers using a single UserID.</li> <li>Or, create multiple UserIDs to access your entire customer list.</li> <li>Organize customers by divisions, which are flexible and based on your criteria.</li> <li>Instant availability to usage and pricing.</li> <li>Online access to fit your business hours and no long processing times.</li> <li>Immediate agent designations by customers, no paperwork, and no delay.</li> </ul>
    Our online access will allow you to complete requests in an efficient manner, without requiring you to fax or mail in requests. <ul> <li>Easy enrollment.</li> <li>Access to multiple account numbers within minutes.</li> <li>Access to information on your schedule.</li> <li>Eliminates the need for phone calls, paperwork and multiple requests.</li> </ul>
    The Property Management site is a free service for residential rental property owners that offers uninterrupted service and automatic billing on tenants when they move. Additional options include: <ul> <li>Add or remove a premise from a agreement.</li> <li>Record move-in/move-out meter readings.</li> <li>Enter service orders to turn service on or off.</li> <li>View and print consumption history of a premise.</li> </ul>
    Multi-account managers are allowed to work with several account at one time: <ul> <li>Act as the account holder for multiple accounts with a single UserID.</li> <li>Change mailing addresses and disconnect services, without calling the Business Center.</li> <li>Organize accounts by divisions that you create, based on your company’s needs.</li> <li>Make changes to multiple accounts with a single online action.<br></li> </ul>
    Realtors, assistance is at your fingertips: <ul> <li>No forms to fill out, no delays - and instant access to the natural gas and/or electric consumption.</li> <li>Promotes a faster turnaround for sales.</li> <li>Access information for all rate zones with a click of your mouse.</li> <li>Multiple requests can be completed in a short session.</li> <li>Ability to save and print your documents.</li> </ul>
    The new portal offers time saving connections for you: <ul> <li>Access anytime to monthly consumption data</li> <li>Monthly and hourly consumption downloads</li> <li>Regional weather updates</li> <li>Access for one meter or for multiple service points.</li> </ul>
    Property managers work more efficiently: <ul> <li>No forms to fill out, no delays - and instant access to the natural gas and/or electric consumption </li> <li>Access information for all rate zones with a click of your mouse </li> <li>Multiple requests can be completed in a short session </li> <li>Ability to save and print your documents </li> </ul>
    Government Support is a free service offered to counties and municipalities to aide in government aggregation. <ul> <li>Provides the government authorities the ability to register <li>Allows access to electric load data, request premise cleanup reports, maintain portal users, and request summary and detailed premise reports <li>Offers a list of all active aggregators within the Ameren Illinois territory </> <li>Provides additional resources which includes:<ul> <li>FAQs on government aggregation <li>Registration Form / Non-Disclosure Agreement <li>Presentations on aggregation provided by the ICC, IPA, and Ameren Illinois <li>Illinois law on aggregation and the Ameren Illinois tariff <ul>
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