Help Families in Need Beat the Heat 
The nonprofit Energy Assistance Foundation helps people in need beat the summer heat. Through the Warm Neighbors Cool Friends program, the Foundation provides bill payment grants in both summer and winter. In some areas, the Foundation offers home weatherization as a long-term strategy to lower energy bills.

Your support provides help and hope for senior citizens and families who do not qualify for government assistance.

Donate online at or call 1.800.755.5000 to add a monthly donation to your Ameren Illinois bill. Your gift is tax-deductible, and every penny goes directly to help those in need.

Don't be Fooled
Be alert for scams and <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/July2014/Pages/Article1.aspx">learn more</a>.
Stay Cool
Save money and use energy smarter. (<a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/July2014/Pages/Article2.aspx">more</a>)
Signs of Danger
Keep <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/July2014/Pages/Article3.aspx">utility poles clean</a> and linemen safe.
LiHEAP Assistance
Cooling assistance <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/July2014/Pages/Article4.aspx">now available</a>.
Dive into Safety
<a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/July2014/Pages/Article5.aspx">Swim safely</a> this summer.
In Your Community
Employees also work as <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/July2014/Pages/Article6.aspx">First Responders</a>.
It's the Law
Report damage to pipelines <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/July2014/Pages/Article7.aspx">immediately</a>.
Pipeline Integrity
We monitor our <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/July2014/Pages/Article8.aspx">gas system</a> 24 hours a day.
Environmental Disclosure
<a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/July2014/Pages/Article9.aspx">Sources of electricity</a> supplied.
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