Pure Power for My Business 
Business customers who participate in Pure Power indicate how many “Blocks”* they wish to purchase. Each 1,000 kilowatthour (kWh) block costs $10 - which equals one Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) from local renewable sources that will be added to the Midwest energy pool. 

Business customers interested in a no-obligation Pure Power proposal can contact the Pure Power team.

Or, if you already know how many blocks your business would like to purchase and are ready to sign up, see sign up information.

Pure Power funds are used to purchase Green-e Certified® RECs from regional wind energy and other renewable generation facilities. More about certification.
No contract is required to participate in the Pure Power program. For more information, review the FAQs.

Pure Power customers may cancel their participation in the program at any time by contacting the Ameren Missouri Customer Service Center at 866.665.7873, or by emailing us.

Pure Power business customers can receive support to help them promote their business’s commitment to renewable energy. Contact us for more information.

Pure Power is a Green-e Certified® program.   

 *1 "Block" = 1 Renewable Energy Certificate = 1,000 kilowatthours


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