Quantum Weather Fact Sheet 
Ameren Missouri and Saint Louis University's (SLU) Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences have entered into a partnership for development and operation of a more precise weather monitoring, forecasting and response system called Quantum Weather.

Quantum Weather, another part of Ameren Missouri's reliability initiative, can pinpoint severe weather activity on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. The detailed information from this pioneering system improves reliability for customers.

It enables Ameren Missouri to respond and restore power more quickly following damaging storms, and improves efficiencies through better utilization of its restoration crews. Quantum Weather is the first-of-its-kind weather monitoring and response system in the country.

The system includes:

  • Continuous neighborhood-by-neighborhood monitoring
  • Proprietary analytical tools
  • Early warning/rapid response
  • Improved efficiency and restoration time

A key Quantum Weather component is the development by SLU researchers of unique software that provides forecasts in near real-time, and on a very local scale. This system also benefits from the availability of broadband digital and wireless communications, the development of low-cost, easily deployed weather sensors and the advent of more cost-effective high-performance computing systems. 

The SLU researchers are:


  • Robert Pasken, Ph.D., Professor of Meteorology
  • William Dannevik, Ph.D., Chairman, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Ben Abel, Professor of Meteorology
  • Timothy Eichler, Ph.D., Professor of Meteorology

Ameren Missouri/SLU Partnership

Scientists from SLU's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences brought their analytical technology to Ameren Missouri's attention to help the company better understand and respond to severe weather. Ameren Missouri saw the potential to improve response time following storms, to identify storm damaged areas earlier and to improve customer service. The company decided to provide financial support for the program, and partner with the university on potential future commercial applications.

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