Hydroelectric Power Benefits 
Ameren Missouri’s Osage Energy Center uses the natural energy of falling water to generate electricity. Since it produces no air emissions and no solid waste, it is an important source of clean, renewable energy. And because it uses no fuel - except the water flowing through the dam - the energy center’s operating costs are well below those of nuclear or fossil fuel plants 
Hydroelectric power is also important to the reliability of the Ameren system because, unlike the company’s nuclear and fossil fuel plants, hydro plants can be started in seconds - providing needed power in case of a system emergency. On a routine basis, hydro plants play a key role in helping meet peak electrical demands.
Besides their benefits to the Ameren electrical system, Bagnell Dam and the Osage Energy Center play a role in flood control, while providing water recreation for millions of visitors and local residents each year and other environmental benefits.

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